Starting well

Starting well

Public Health is currently working on the Wokingham Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) redesign.


This will be available online this year. Some of the data on this current site may be out of date.


If you require more recent data please contact Public Health Intelligence by emailing or phoning 0118 977 8449.

Key messages


o    Smoking at time of delivery is considerably lower (7%) in Wokingham when compared with the South East (11.0%) and England (9.8%)

o    Flu vaccination uptake in pregnancy is the second highest in Berkshire with 45.6%

o    25.3% of all deliveries in Wokingham are to mothers who are over 35 years old

o    Breastfeeding rate at 6-8 weeks after birth in Wokingham (60.1%) is significantly higher than the national rate of 43.2%

o    The percentage of low birthweight babies in Wokingham is the lowest in Berkshire (4.6%)

o    Wokingham has the second highest stillbirth rate (5.9 per 1,000) in Berkshire and ranks above the regional and national rates

o    Only 37% of mothers received a first face-to-face antenatal contact with a health visitor, which is lower than the national value

o    Wokingham has a higher uptake in 6-8 week, 12 month and 2-2.5 year reviews than England

o    Admissions for respiratory tract infections in 1 year olds and in 2-4 year olds are higher in Wokingham than in England and the South East

Find out more / see the detail

o    To find out more see the Starting Well Chapter (PDF Document) of our Joint Strategic Needs Assessment Plan