Transport: Car miles travelled, accidents and bus use (Public transport)


Work on maintaining and delivering improvements to highways have been the responsibility of Wokingham Borough Council since 1998 when Wokingham Borough became a unitary authority. In 2001 Wokingham Borough Council developed its first 5 year Local Transport Plan, which included a number of targets around delivery and progress. This process was repeated in 2006, when the plan was developed until 2011, which contained stretching targets around safety and transport sustainability. The third plan, 2011 to 2026 contains policies and low level targets after the level of reporting and number of indicators were reduced by central Government.


Read Wokingham Borough Council’s Local Transport Plan.


Work to promote safe sustainable transport since 2012 has been delivered through a branded My Journey programme of works. There is a branded My Journey website that contains lots of information and initiatives on transport presented in a colourful and attractive way. Visit the MyJourney website for more details.

Facts and figures

For more details read our transport facts and figures (PDF document.)